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Model Altea is produced in fiber concrete which gives a modern and Luxurious look. The table requires minimal maintenance because the fiber concrete is a solid and young material with a waterproof surface. The table can thus be left outside unprotected all year round. Bonfire pan and burner are made of stainless steel. Delivered complete.

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  • The fireplace table heats up to 17.5 kW and the flame picture is easily adjusted up and down with the regulator.
  • Comes complete with decorative stone, stainless steel cover plate for fire pan and burner, tempered glass for wind protection, PVC cover for storage, and gas regulator included in the price.
  • The heat from Flammeb√•let keeps waking mosquitoes and other insects.
  • Model Altea is a beautiful fireplace table in a minimalist and fashionable style, which will give your patio character.
  • Extend the outdoor season by adding both light and warmth to your outdoor environment in a stylish design.

Fri frakt i hele Spania.

Additional information

Table material

Waterproof GFRC concrete & stainless steel

Heater power

17,5 kw adjustable power

Ignition system

Electric ignition (AA battery incl)

Gas burner material

Stainless steel

Gass bottle storage


Flame protector

Tempered glass

Storage of table

PVC-cover/protector included


L=107cm, W=107cm, H=30cm


52 kg


How to correctly light up your fire pit

To start the table, turn the large switch used to adjust the heat to low and hold it down while pressing the lighter. When you see a full flame in the ring, release the regulator and turn it further towards high.

What is a fire pit table made from?

The concrete tables from Ceru Design SL are made of fiberglass-reinforced concrete (GFRC) or aluminum: Fiberglass reinforced concrete (GFRC) is one of the most versatile building materials available. Does not corrode Resistant to extreme weather conditions GRC...

Maintenence of a fire pit table

Concrete tables require little maintenance. We recommend impregnating the concrete table before use. This is to prevent stains and grease from pulling down into the concrete. Ceru Design does not sell Impregnation, but this is sold in most tile / concrete dealers. The...